TMI :)*
*Searching for Happiness on Google
Don McMillan's NEW Comedy About Life in the Age of Too Much Information.

TMI - One Man's Search for Happiness 

We are connected constantly. I get up in the morning and check my e-mail. I check my text messages. I update my Facebook page. I read the top stories in the news. I check the weather. I tweet a thing or two. Then I leave my computer and turn on the TV. I download some TV information. Head to my car – turn on the radio – and drive to work while getting even more data. I check my GPS for traffic. I take a call or two in my car. It is clear: I am addicted to information! I know for sure - I took the test on "". I visit it at least 15 or 20 times a day. It really helps. Yes, there is a website for "Internet Addiction." Isn't that sort of like having an AA meeting with an open bar? So, I am an addict: I have all the warning signs: If I check my e-mail and I have NO messages - I check it again - immediately. Sometimes I send myself a message just to make sure my e-mail server is working. If I reach for my phone and it is NOT there - I panic. My heart races. I can't breathe. I want  to issue an Amber Alert for my phone. I am addicted to my phone - my information "supplier". I have all the information in the world - but am I happier?

I am constantly searching: "What time does that movie start?", "What was the dog's name on the Jetsons?", "Where can I find Crocs in size 16 (yes, I wear size 16)?", "What is the Meaning of Life?" And although I have global database at my fingertips, it seems like I know less than ever before. “TMI” will talk how frustrating life has become. I will share how "my searching" led me to understand which information is most important: The information I share with my family and friends. In an Age where we can connect to someone 1/2 way around the world, we forget that the one's we REALLY need to connect with are right in front of us.

Below is the Calendar For upcoming Performances of TMI

 Rooster T. Feathers
157 W. El Camino Real
Sunnyvale, CA 94087
Reservations: 408-736-0921
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