Your Company Holiday Party 2017 

Looking for something different for your Holiday Party?

This year add laughs: A stand-up comedy show written and performed specifically for your group!

America’s #1 Corporate Comedian, Don McMillan, will create a custom Holiday Comedy Show just for your event. Don meets with you well ahead of time to write jokes, bits and sketches created specifically for your company or event. And this year, Don is offering discounted rates in order to spread more mirth than ever this holiday season!

For a preview of Dons corporate comedy show, click on the videos below.

To book Don for your Holiday Party, you can e-mail him at “[email protected]” or you can call him at (661)312-6011.


In the video below, Don talks to a group from Boston Scientific and reviews their product line…

In the video below, Don imagines which actors and actresses would play who if they made a movie about your company/group.

In this video, Don presents the latest Healthcare: The HMO (Humor Maintenance Organization) for Kaiser Permanente…

In this next video, Don definitively answers the question: “What is the difference between a Geek and a Nerd?”