Application Specific Comedy

Ways to Use Don


ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Comedy)

Don McMillan does not just do a standard 45-60 minute stand-up “canned” comedy routine. In fact, he has several different 45–60 minute customizable shows (see “Comedy Solutions” below). Don also offers several “out-of-the-box” corporate comedy solutions.

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He is the world’s first CCSP (Corporate Comedy Services Provider). Don works with you to create corporate comedy specifically for your event. He meets with you well ahead of time to write custom jokes and sketches unique to your company or event. Don also creates PowerPoint slides just for you. AND, the best part, you get to review his PowerPoint slides ahead of time so you get to see exactly what will be in Don’s show. This way you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the show with everyone else.  Don McMillan KNOWS what it takes to create and perform the best corporate comedy you can get. BUT, it doesn’t have to be just one 45-60 minute show. Because of Don’s unique background (12 years working as an engineer and manager in Silicon Valley and over 20 years as a stand-up comedian), he is able to “integrate” his comedy into your event.

There are MANY ways to use Don. Here are a few examples of the creative elements that Don can add to make your event a success:

Don can perform after dinner, at lunch, to start the day, or anywhere in between to break up a long day of speakers and re-invigorate your audience. Don’s show is written specifically for your audience. He works with each group and develops a unique corporate comedy show for your company, group, or event. Don’s show will entertain, motivate, invigorate, relieve stress, and enlighten corporate groups.

Don can break his show into a number of shorter segments spread throughout the day. Frequently, Don does 10 minutes to open an event, 10 minutes after the morning break, 10 minutes after lunch. 10 minutes following the afternoon break, and 15 minutes to close the day’s session. This way his corporate comedy can be spread over your entire event! Plus, Don injects a dose of energy and laughter just when the audience is starting to fade during a long day of information-intense speakers.

Laughter is part of a successful event - you need Don.

Don will “pretend” to be an author and/or consultant giving a serious talk on “Improving Communication Skills”, “The 3 Keys to Leadership”, “Dr. Don McMillan: Technology Futurist”, or a topic that you and he develops just for your event. Don starts out seriously and slowly gets funnier and funnier – but always with a focus on his “serious” topic. After some time, he lets the group know that he is NOT a serious speaker but, in fact, a corporate comedian and he’s there for a serious dose of laugh therapy. The left two clips show Don at work portraying a serious “Expert.”

Don can interview your executives or key management folks. This is particularly effective when you’re tired of hearing a long parade of executive speeches. For example, Don recently did “Good Morning Beckman Coulter!” where he did an opening monologue and then interviewed 5 different VP’s who included their messaging in a lighter, more entertaining format. A corporate comedy talk show just for you!

Don can function as your event host or emcee. He can interject corporate comedy where appropriate and keep the sessions moving along. Don is excellent at reading a crowd, so he can adjust his performance to speed up a session or add comedy when the group is sagging and in need of a refreshing “comedy break”. Also, because of his technical background, he actually understands your subject matter – he’s not just reading a canned introduction like a spokes-model.

Don can help write and create video segments for your event. Don has acted as the interviewer many times in “Man on the Street” style video segments with event attendees. The clip to the left is Don as the roving floor reporter at the SUN Network conference. He has also created funny videos and sketches with company executives and managers. There is no one better to help you create corporate comedy videos!

Don has worked with groups to develop, create and perform many brand new comedy bits. The clip to the left shows “Doctor Don” a “PowerPoint Therapist” for Webex. He has also “pretended” to be the new VP of Sales being presented to the International Sales Team for the first time. Several sales team members at that event still aren’t sure that Don isn’t their VP. Don has hosted an “American Idol” type show during a sales conference and he’s even rode in on a horse dressed as a Royal Canadian Mounted Policeman in Toronto to give a parking ticket to a CEO. Don will do whatever it takes to provide a laugh.

Laughter is part of a successful event - you need Don.